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Google Launchpad Accelerator startups from Bangladesh and Pakistan

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Google has announced its fifth (5th) accelerator program that include the Pakistani startup as well. Pakistani startup has been selected for Google’s Launchpad accelerator program for first time. 
Another country that is selected for the first time in Google Launchpad Accelerator program is Bangladesh.

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator startups from Bangladesh and Pakistan

What is Launchpad Accelerator?

Launchpad Accelerator is a six-month acceleration program for growth-stage startups from emerging markets. Through this program, startups get the opportunity to collaborate with Google engineers, Silicon Valley experts, and top mentors from around the world. 
ref by crunchbase 

Here is the list of the startup that specified in Asian countries
  • Ayannah:
This Philippines-based startup has to be developed for many Buyer to Buyer(B2B) and Buyer to Consumer(B2C) financial services for communities that not have access to financial services and product. Its operations include cross-border remittances.
  • BabyChakra:
BabyChakra is a pregnancy and parenting advice app . it is Hail in India
  • Kulina:
Based in Indonesia, it delivers meals on a subscription basis by incorporating tech to make the supply chain and logistics more efficient.
  • Maya Apa:
It is a Bangladesh-based startup that gives the answers of the unidentified user questions on topics like legal issues and health care.
  • Monkey Junior:
This Vietnam's startup that offers online courses for the students in mathematics, languages, and science.
  • m.Paani:
It is an Indian startup that used in special offers and loyalty schemes to facilitate the brands in gaining marketing insights.
  • Niramai:
It is another India startup that is diagnose breast cancer with the help of software-based system. 
  • Priceza:
Based in Thailand, it is a price comparison app and search engine for shoppers.
  • Social Cops:
An Indian startup that helps the governments and nonprofits organizations in strategic decision-making and policy by collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data.
  • VividTech:
A Pakistani startup that aims to improve the caller experience when put on hold by the service provider. It intends to replace the looped muzak with interactive and visual experiences.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Google Plus Shutting Down for Consumer 2 April - How to Download Your Data From Google+

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As many of you already heard the official new from Google they are shutting down their service of Google+. A few weeks ago Google announced that Google Plus shutting down on 2 April for Consumer Officially. This decision is taken due to low usages and challenges  involved in maintenances required for the customer needs.  
On 4th February you are not able to create a new profile, pages, communities and events on Google plus. read regional post
Google Plus Shutting Down 2 April for Consumer

If you are the administrator of Google Plus Communities you can download your .Starting early March 2019, additional data will be available for download, including author, body, and photos for every community post in a public community.
If you are using Google Plus Comments on your Blog and website they will no longer to available to your website after 4th February 2019. All the comments will be deleted after 2 April 2019. You should download your All data before 2 April 2019. 

 How to Download Your Data From Google+

You may download your data including your Google plus Circles. +1’s and Streams in archives. Your data includes photos and videos. 
1. Signin into your Account
2. Goto the downloading page

3. Next
4. Choose the file type.

5. Select the how you want to delivered your data
6. Click Create Archive.

if your are using google Plus Page. you need to singin as Page Administrator to download your data.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How to Make Money With Wishing Website

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Today's topic is how to Make Money With Wishing Websites. Wishing Websites one of the best why to earn money online. Wishing websites are also known as event websites. It will generate thousands of traffic on event days but it will loose all traffic after event. but you can earn more than 100$ for each event.
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Requirements to Make Money With Wishing Websites

  1. An Approved Non-Hosted Google Adsense. ( how to Approve Adsense Account)
  2. A high value Hosting Plan that can handle Tons of traffic.
  3. A domain name related to your event.

How to Earn Money With Wishing Websites (Hosting + Domain)

Once you have connected your website with hosting. You have to Place Google Adsense Ads on your website. I will provide you the scripts on upcoming events ( Christmas + New Year). 

How to Earn Money With Wishing Websites ( Blogger)

Blogger is the best solution if you don't have money to purchase Domain and hosting. 
  1. Just goto Blogger and create an account if you don't have. 
  2. Create New Blog
  3. Named your Blog and give the Title. 
  4. Now go to the theme. scroll down and click on revert to the classic theme.
  5. Clear all code. and paste my code that I provided you. and save your theme.

Note: If you don't have google adsense you can purchase.

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1. New Year wishing Website
2. Christmas wishing Website


This is just a motivational post. In my next post I will give you Event Script code. You have to make some changes in it and than you can easily make money with wishing websites. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

PTA Issues Guidelines to Register cellular devices [2018]

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After the announcements of cellular devices verification and registration. According to this news, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA Issues guidelines to register cellular devices. You have to register you mobile devices before 20.10.2018 otherwise your cellular device will be blocked.
verification system called 'Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System' (DIRBS). PTA earlier send the notification to every consumer and now its mandatory for every persons either he/she receive the message or not.

PTA Issues Guidelines to Register cellular devices

How to Get IMEI Number? 

You can get your IMEI no with the following methods?
  • Check on the box of device which you buy from market
  • Check in the about section under mobile settings
  • You can also check by dialing *#06# from your device
  • It also printed inside your cellular device, for this you have to remove battery

How to Register cellular devices with PTA

Mobile devices can be register with the three different ways.
  1. Visit PTA official site
  2. By sending SMS
  3. Mobile Application
You will get the four possible replies when to submit your request at 8484.
  • IMEI is compliant
  • Device IMEI is Valid. Insert SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before 20/10/18 date for auto registration
  • Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please insert all your SIMs in this device and use them before 20/10/18 date to continue using this device
  • Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen

Message  Description Action
IMEI is compliant
This message indicates that the mobile device is PTA compliant. You can use this mobile device and continue receiving network services without any issue.
No action is needed your device is compliant with both GSMA and PTA as well
Device IMEI is Valid. Insert SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before 20/10/18 date for auto registration.
This indicated that your cellular device is compliant with GSMA but not with PTA.  
You have to do revenue generating activity (send message, make call or use internet) to continue the network services. If you are using dual sim mobile you need to do this above activity from both slots/sims
Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please insert all your SIMs in this device and use them before 20/10/18 date to continue using this device.
This indicated that your IMEI is not compliant neither with GSMA nor PTA. It may be duplicated. PTA will observed this with auto pair sims till 20 October
You have to do revenue generating activity before 20/10/2018 (send message, make call or use internet) to continue the network services. If you are using dual sim mobile you need to do this above activity from both slots/sims 
Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen.
This indicated that your IMEI is blocked by PTA because it is reported earlier 
If you are the one who reported to blocked the IMEI no than requested to PTA/CPLC to recover your IMEI

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

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Today's topic is Blogger Setting under the search preferences. I will tell you how to do Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger. Before i tell you the process of setting up custom robots header tag settings, you must need to know what exactly they are. 

Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom Robots Header Tags Purpose 

Now, you are going to learn custom robots header tags along their purpose.
1. all – Crawlers are not restrict by any constraints. They can freely crawl, index your website.
2. noindex – This tag is use to prevent the crawler to index your website. You can also use this tag for a specific page or your personal / private blog. 
3. nofollow – Hope you already know about the types of link. No-follow and Do-follow are the types outbound links you use in your website. Do-follow link is sneaked by search engine. You can change this to nofollow if you want to prevent the crawler to sneak the links.
4. none – It contains the features of both noindex and nofollow tags. The crawlers will neither index your pages nor sneak/skid through the links.
5. noarchive –  It tells the google not to create caches for this post/page. If you enable this tag, Google create a replica for this post/page. Google will also tell when you visit this page last time and indexed by Google bot. 
6. nosnippet –  In search results, the text snippets help people to find what’s on the web-page. You can turn this header tag on if you want to keep the content exclusive,.
7. noodp – Open Directory Project (ODP) is a man-made directory of websites. It is also known as Dmoz . Sometimes, Google and other search engines use the information from there . You can check this tag if you want to.
8. notranslate – Every website is written in a specific language. If you check this tag people from other areas can't get the translation. 
9. noimageindex – If you unchecked this header tag, Google will index your images. People may steal it and can use it on their own websites. To prevent this, you can keep the images no-indexed using noimageindex tag.
10. unavailable_after – In Blogger, This tag is helpful when you want to deIndex your post after a specific time. Concert, parties, and events are the best example of this tags.  

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How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags

Step 1: Login to your Blogger Account. Choose the blog from your blogs which you want to the custom robots header tag.
Step 2: Then go to Settings >> Search preference. Scroll down and You will see crawlers and indexing. Under this you will see custom robots header tags.
How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags

Step 3: Now You have two options. Click on yes to enable custom robots header tags.
Custom Robots Header Tags Settings

Step 4: It is the best settings for Custom robots header tags for blogger blog. You can change according to your choice. Read above custom robots header tags purpose carefully and set your blogger header tags.


Custom Robots Header Tags allows the Search bots to index or deindex your website. in this post, I will try to describe, how you can do Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger. Do you want to Enabling these tags to your blog and don't know best settings, you need to read custom robots header tags purpose carefully.
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Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques to Rank Higher in Google [2018]

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In one of my previous post. I told you, Search Engine Optimization [SEO] splits into two categories, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On-page SEO optimization refers to the structure of a website whereas Off-page SEO Optimization refers to the promotion of website content over the internet.
Many webmasters think that off-page SEO is just building the links over the different site but it more than building the links. Content is king, Strong On page Search Engine Optimized content require fewer links to rank higher in Search Engine and vice versa.
In today’s post, I will cover Off-Page SEO and some of the most effective ways to increase your page rankings on search engines.
Off Page SEO, Off Page SEO techniques
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What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO[off-site SEO] is a technique that can be used to increase the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Why is Off-Page SEO Important?

Search Engines are trying for decades to rerun the best result to the searcher. To achieve this, They take into account both On-Page SEO factors and Off Page SEO.
Google takes more than 200+ factors to rank a website. On-site Search engine optimization has upper hand over Off-Site Search Engine Optimization because your content is a king.
Suppose two content writers produce the same quality content than how Google and other search engines rank them? Now Off Page SEO is taken into account to check how many external links point to your website. Which site has more link appears first in [SERPs]

10 Best Off  Page SEO Optimization Techniques

1. Create Shareable Content

Put your all efforts to produce the best content for both reader and search engine as well. If people like your content they will share it. You should visit your competitor's website and read the comments if people asking some kinds of question. Note them and write a new post and answer those question which you note down. To do this, you must know how to write a user-friendly post.

2. Social Media Sharing

This allows you to extend your online network. Now, social media has become the powerful communication tool. It allows you to connect and interact with your family and friends and share things with each other. You can promote your website/blog. It will help to grow your Business.
You need to Sign-up most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ and create your profile and then build a strong community

3. Guest posting

It is an effective link building technique used by many in the search engine optimization industry. Guest posting mostly refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your business, and services on other site to get Backlicks from that site.  

4. Link Building

Link building is the most popular Off Page SEO Technique. It is a popular way of promoting your site. It is basically building external links to your website. You can bypass your competitors and rank higher by building links.
If you produce a unique post for your site, then other people may want to link to it on their website. If someone references your site from his/her website. It will generate the signals to the search engine that this website has quality content.

5. Article Submissions

Article submission can be one of the most successful Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques to Rank Higher in Google in 2018. Article submission mostly refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your business, and services and then added to the popular article submission directories. Article submissions can improve the ranking of your site in SEPR by increasing the quantity of backlinks and PR.

6. Web 2.0 Submissions

Web 2.0 submission is another best off page SEO technique in which you submit your website to different social networking sites with quality content. This will drive instant traffic to your site. 

7. Directory Submissions

Directories are like websites which is used to store businesses along their information. In Search engine optimization, Directory submission is process of submitting of your site of the different business directories to get the backlinks. It is the action of the off page SEO optimization to gain the popularity is the search engine. 

8. Video Submissions

Videos are very helpful to briefly describe your content. Videos also help to promote your business product. Before you optimize your videos you need to submit your video on the different video submission sites. some popular sites are YouTube Daily Motion. Here are the Top Video submission websites for your videos in 2018!

9. Search Engine Submissions

Every search engine takes sometime to rank your content but you can submit your site to Google,  Bing, and Yahoo to rank fast in [SERPs].

10. Forms Submissions

Forum Submission is an off-page SEO optimization technique which increases the traffic as well as increase website backlinks. It is basically an online discussion platform where you can communicate to others in the same field.


Off-Page SEO[off-site SEO] is a technique that can be used to increase the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs). You will need to follow the above off page SEO optimization techniques to get your website to appear in top search results.
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How to Do Perfect On-Page SEO

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Many of you already know about On-Page SEO but few bloggers know how much Onsite SEO is important to rank a website in the search engine.  “Content is King” if your content is not perfectly Optimize you will reach only few viewers. Google analyzes More than 200 factors to rank your site in the Search engine. So I want to discuss the most important points to make them clear for you.
Search engine optimization is divided into two parts. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-page SEO is all about the content and site structure whereas Off-page SEO helps to boots up on-page SEO.
Perfect On-Page SEO
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What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is a technique of increasing the quality of web pages in order to rank higher and earn more traffic.
As I told you before, Google has made many changes in its Algorithm to improve the quality of websites.  Those updates set the rules on how owners should structure their sites for link building.
Google wants the user to be happy when he visits your website. The only way that Google can check your content quality and user experience, Engagements, and satisfaction. How long time he spends on your site.
Here is Some On-Page SEO checklist to boost your rank in google.

On-Page SEO Optimization Checklist

1. Focus Keyword in Title Tag

Title tag is the title of a blog/web Post. This is written as <H1> tag. It's the tag that actually displayed by Google in blue heading. This must include your targeted keyword you are trying to rank.

2. Focus Keyword in URL

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. Every Domain and Blog post. There are the several types of post URL. First, that contains the keyword. Second, that contains numbers and third, that contains random words.
The good On-page SEO practice is to include targeted Keyword in URL.

3. Meta description contains Focus KW + LSI keywords

A meta description is one of the most important factors in on page SEO. It has a brief and short discussion about the blog post. It must have your target keyword and LSI keyword.

4. 5+ LSI Keywords in H2, H3, H4

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content.
By - Quora 
LSI keywords are also known as secondary keywords. These are the supportive keywords that help to rank your website or blog post. You should try to rank your post for more than one keywords using the Different Heading tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5,  and H6) While writing your post. H1, H2, H3, and H4 most commonly used.

5. Focus Keyword in first 100 words

A perfect on-page SEO optimize article contain the target keyword in the first paragraph. The use of the keyword in the first Paragraph put a good impression on Spiders( A software that crawls the websites).

6. Focus Keyword in Image Alt (1st image)

There is no tool that can read the content written over the image, Then how search engine detects what about your image is. Alt attribute tells the search engine about the image.

7. LSI Keywords in Alt Tags (2nd image)

LSI or Secondary keyword must be included in the second or related image. Do not forget to use image alt tag.

8. Focus Keyword 1-2 times more inside the content.

In a perfect on-page SEO optimized article, The main keyword should be repeated two or more times. The other secondary keyword can also be used for this purpose but remember that the keyword density for the primary or main keyword is 2% and for secondary keywords is only 1%.

9. Focus Keyword in last 100 words

Another good on-page SEO technique is to include the focus keyword in the Last paragraph. The use of the main keyword in the last 100-word put a good impression on Spiders.

10. Long Form Content (500+ words)

Google wants the user to be happy when someone visits your website. The only way that Google can check your content quality for how long time he spends on your site.
Long article required a long time period to read. Do not focus on long content but quality as well. Suppose you write an article of 1000 words a visitor came to your site and he can't find the answer to his query than why he visits your site again.

11. Use One More Related video and Image.

A perfect and well descriptive article become Read less without visual effect. The use of image or video senses to understand the article. No one wants to read the boring lines.
Sometimes a short video or image gives the whole idea about the content. This gives the great experience to the user and pushes him to share your information.

12. Internal Links

Internal linking is a good on-page technique that increases the user stay time and decrease bounce rate. In this strategy, you link one or more related article to each other.

13. Outbound Links

This is a perfect on-page SEO technique that increases the search engine trust. Outbound links generally linking your site to high authority but non-competitive domains.

14. Modifiers on title tag (Year, Reviews)

This is the best way to rank for additional keywords. So if your article is about “best food books” you could name it “best food books 2017” or “best food books reviews” to rank for additional variations.

On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of on-page SEO. it is the number one On-Page SEO technique to rank first in Google. Targeting your audience with the wrong keyword is not good practice or targeting with high competition keywords.

Site Optimization

Two most important things you need to have on your site
  • Fast loading content: A fast loading site is essential to rank a site. You can install a cache plugin like WordPress Fastest Cache to solve this.
  • Mobile responsiveness :
    A huge part of traffic came from mobile is the 70% of the total traffic.
Pro tip: Install the AMP plugin for WordPress to rank even higher.
Talk to your developer about making these important changes to your website.

Content Layout

Even your page contains the best content on a subject, but if it’s written improperly, your audience might never read it!
  • Text size and color -
Avoid using too tiny font size. Google recommended a 16px font size at least. you can also use color text to make your content more attractive and easy to read.
  • Bullet points - 

The use of bullets and numbering to the heading make easy to read it.
  • Paragraph breaks -  
The paragraph can be broken by using headings, sub-headings or simple.
  • Bold and italics for emphasis - 
You should these formatting tools to elaborate your content. These formatting options help to communicate the important points.
  • Headings - 
Breaking content with helpful headings can help readers navigate the page. This is very helpful for too long content.
  • Supporting media - 

Use related images, videos, Slideshow and link building when needed.

Image Optimization 

Though images make your page look better but these are the biggest culprits of slow web pages. The best way to solve this problem is to compress your images site.


These are the protocol which preceding your domain. Google recommends that all website must have secure protocols. To ensure that your site has secure protocol HTTPS: instead of HTTP. You have to buy SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. SSL is used to encrypt data. It ensures that any data passed between the web server and browser of the searcher remains private.  As of July 2018, Google Chrome and other Browser displays “not secure” for all HTTP sites, which could cause untrustworthy to visitors and result in them leaving the site.


These are the top tips that I pay special attention to. If I conclude this in a few words, only four things came, Keyword Reseach, Quality Content, Content layout(heading, fonts, image, videos), and Site Optimization. If you follow these On-page SEO techniques, you will start seeing more traffic and higher SERP positions.